5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

The 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package offers a brief but captivating journey, featuring wildlife reserves, historical sites, scenic hill country, and the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, among other attractions.

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5-nights Sri Lanka holiday package

At 645 kilometres and just below the equator, Sri Lanka is the most southerly point on the globe. The climate is agreeable throughout the year, which is unusual for a tropical region. April is a momentous occasion in Sri Lanka, as the blossoming season begins, the temperature rises, and the country hosts its grandest traditional New Year’s celebration. Although there is a minor decline of a few degrees Celsius in late-year temperatures (frequently around 30 oC), the mean annual temperature increases once more in April. The island’s pleasant year-round climate makes it possible to engage in year-round activities like exploring historic temples, palaces, and gardens, strolling along precarious cliff paths, scaling green-capped peaks, and visiting cascades in Sri Lanka’s diverse natural environment. The adjacent marine environment is abundant with a diverse array of cetacean and dolphin species.

What is the best 5-nights Sri Lanka holiday package?

The 5-nights Sri Lanka holiday package is a highly recommended travel package, particularly for novice tourists seeking to explore the island nation’s scenic locales. Six-day tour itineraries to Sri Lanka are in considerable demand among international tourists. This six-day excursion to Sri Lanka includes visits to the Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, a wildlife safari in one of the country’s finest national parks, relaxation on the shore, and an exploration of the hill country.

Particularly for those travelling from a European country, a six-day vacation does not seem notably extensive. Hence, it is unattainable to encompass all of the primary tourist destinations in Sri Lanka within a few days. While encountering vibrant urban activities, indulging in delectable Sri Lankan cuisine and beverages, engaging in exhilarating sports, unwinding on an idyllic beach, or participating in exhilarating beach activities, a mere six days is sufficient to cover the majority of Sri Lanka’s attractions by car. With proper preparation, a knowledgeable chauffeur, and a tour guide, it should be possible to see a great deal during your six days in Sri Lanka. Effective preparation is crucial in estimating the expenditure for a six-day tour in Sri Lanka.

Is 5-nights and six days sufficient to explore Sri Lanka?

While many visitors express satisfaction with the sights and experiences they encountered throughout their six-day sojourn in Sri Lanka, others lament the lack of additional time to accomplish the same. I believe that with the proper itinerary, you will have the opportunity to explore a great deal of Sri Lanka. Even if you consider six days in Sri Lanka to be sufficient, it is crucial that you have a meticulously organised schedule in order to ensure the success of your vacation.

Which six-day excursions are the most widely taken in Sri Lanka?

  • Sri Lanka adventure tour for six days
  • Six-day cultural triangle excursion in Sri Lanka
  • Six days on a nature excursion of Sri Lanka
  • A six-day journey along the southern coast of Sri Lanka
  • Visit Sri Lanka in order to observe wildlife.
  • Sri Lanka coastal excursion for six days

A 6-day Sri Lanka nature tour, a 6-day tour of the country’s culture, a 6-day tour of the south coast, a 6-day beach tour, and so forth, are all viable alternatives to the standard 6-day travel itinerary for Sri Lanka. Travellers planning a six-day vacation in Sri Lanka should be extremely specific regarding their needs in order to determine the most convenient itinerary. You may be able to obtain a customised itinerary with the assistance of Serendipity tours, as the majority of Sri Lankan tour operators offer customised Sri Lanka tour itineraries to their clients.

Is it possible to integrate a six-day tour in Sri Lanka into my beach vacation?

Undoubtedly, a beach vacation in Sri Lanka can be seamlessly integrated with a six-day voyage to the country. In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions by visitors to our website. due to the fact that a considerable number of tourists desire to relax on the shore while also visiting Sri Lanka’s natural, historical, and cultural attractions. Regarding this type of Sri Lanka travel itinerary, the six-day excursion and the shore excursion are treated as distinct entities. Nevertheless, the six-day excursion in Sri Lanka may require a clockwise or anticlockwise itinerary, contingent upon the location from which you select your beach tour package.

What activities are typically included in a six-day itinerary to Sri Lanka?

It can be challenging for an individual to provide a straightforward response to this inquiry. Beaches, the cultural triangle, and the hill country are all components of the most popular six-day itinerary for a trip to Sri Lanka. Foreign travellers in particular place a significant demand on this travel itinerary. The historical sites (UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife reserves, tea plantations, coastlines, and hill country of Sri Lanka are all featured on this six-day tour. The itinerary is described in great detail in this article so that you may be able to envision this voyage.

What might a six-day Sri Lanka tour includes?

The 6-day Sri Lanka tour is an in-demand and widely favoured multi-day travel itinerary in Sri Lanka. You may include an unlimited number of intriguing locations and activities on the itinerary. Sri Lanka could be visited for six days on a beach vacation, a nature or wildlife excursion, or a cultural excursion. Sri Lanka’s beaches, breathtaking hill country, wildlife, and culture can all be incorporated into a six-day itinerary, but any other combination of destinations and activities is also possible.

This blog post describes a popular six-day Sri Lanka vacation itinerary, emphasising the country’s hill country, beaches, and cultural triangle. In addition, excursions encompass visits to botanical gardens, boat rides, and wildlife outings.

How much does a six-day tour package to Sri Lanka cost?

Whether or not the six-day vacation to Sri Lanka is inexpensive will depend on your lodging preferences and the attractions and activities you select to visit. Lodging comprises the majority of the bundle price, with activities and admission fees comprising the remaining portion. The driver/guide fee and transportation expenses influence the pricing of the package. By strategically organising your journey and reserving a three-star hotel, it is possible to achieve substantial cost savings at the expense of a minor concession on luxury.

Could you kindly coordinate the hotel accommodations for my six-day tour?

You are, in fact, permitted to reserve a hotel for your journey. However, we recommend that our clients plan their entire tour programme with a single provider. Travellers can accomplish this and save a substantial quantity of money. Choosing two suppliers (one for lodging and the other for the remaining components of the package) may cause the price of the package to increase by 20%.

May I inquire whether a 6-day family package could be reserved?

It is possible to reserve a 6-day sojourn in Sri Lanka as a family vacation involving children. Due to the private nature of the excursion and the absence of physically taxing activities, the only individuals who will be inconvenienced by their children’s mischievous behaviour are the parents.

Sri Lanka nature tour

A nature cocktail tour and a six-day vacation in Sri Lanka This tour features whitewater rafting, safaris, rainforest strolls, and trekking. Whale-watching is an additional activity on this coastal adventure vacation in Sri Lanka.

Depending on the package you choose some of the places litsted below included in every Sri Lanka 6 days tour.

What are the principal activities that comprise the Sri Lankan six-day excursion?

Depending on the tour itinerary you choose, the 6-day Sri Lanka holiday package may include some of the activities listed below.

  • City tours
  • Guided walking tour of Sigiriya rock fortress
  • The visit to the Golden Temple of Dambulla
  • Hop-on-hop-off tour of Polonnaruwa
  • A guided tour of Kandy temple
  • The Buddhist Museum of Kandy
  • Cultural performance in Kandy
  • A Kandy sightseeing tour
  • A Peradeniya Botanical Garden-guided tour
  • A stroll-through spice garden
  • A guided tour of Nuwara Eliya
  • Lake Gregory Esplanade
  • Tea factory and plantations
  • The Madu River safari
  • Beach recreation along the western coast

Sri Lanka 6-day tour in brief

  • Day: Colombo
  • Day 2: Columbo-Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Sigiriya – Polonnaruwa – Sigiriya
  • Day 4: Sigiriya-Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy-Bentota
  • Day 6: Bentota to Colombo

Sri Lanka 6-day tour package itinerary

A six-day road trip of Sri Lanka from Colombo to Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya will allow you to witness the country’s natural and historical splendour. The most widely used mode of transportation to investigate Sri Lanka’s natural beauty and historical sites, as well as experience some thrilling, action-packed adventures, is by road. Throughout this six-day excursion of Sri Lanka, one will be treated to an exquisite fusion of untamed natural splendour and cultural fascination.

Sri Lanka possesses a firmly established bus system and provides convenient train access to the majority of its main cities. However, public transport in Sri Lanka is rarely recommended due to the frequent wastage of time and the frequent delays experienced by buses and railroads. Private transportation with a Sri Lankan driver/guide offers numerous advantages, including comfortable travel and time savings.

One can savour the enchanting ambiance of a rustic inn or pause to admire the magnificent scenery when they possess a private vehicle. Our six-day road journey will guarantee that your time in Sri Lanka is absolutely fantastic.

When is the most favourable period to spend six days in Sri Lanka?

The six-day tour in Sri Lanka is most suitable for travel between November and April. For the six-day itinerary that follows, the southern circuit and the island’s central, western, and southern hill regions are the primary exploration areas. The areas traversed during the six-day expedition are profoundly affected by the southwest monsoon, an atmospheric phenomenon that persists from April to October. Acording to Sri Lanka weather pattern, the primary rainfall season on the island is the southwest monsoon, and it often brings heavy downpours to the locations that are visited during this six-day excursion. The remainder of the year is arid in the majority of Sri Lanka, which coincides with the northwest monsoon from October to April. The subsequent locations are highlighted on this six-day Sri Lanka itinerary. Thus, the optimal period to finish the 6-day Sri Lanka southern tour is from October to April, which aligns with the winter season in the northern hemisphere.

This six-day private tour encompasses the most renowned tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, including Udawalawe National Park, the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sigiriya Rock, and the Dambulla Golden Temple. Upon the conclusion of the voyage, one will be affixed to the deserted shores of Mirissa.

Day 1: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Commence your visit with a day spent in the opulent Colombo, where you can admire the Wolvendaal church, a Dutch construction situated atop a rocky bluff that overlooks the bustling city, and admire the city’s blend of old and new architecture.

Galle Face Green should be scaled for the breathtaking vistas and to gain an advantage on the upcoming, more difficult ascents. Following your exploration of the vibrant atmosphere of Colombo, pay a visit to the Buddhist temple in Kelaniya, which holds immense historical significance for the city. It is said that through a single act of worship, one can expiate all offences committed throughout their lifetime. The temple is notable because one of the most renowned artists on the island, George Keyt, compiled the greatest collection of modern Buddhist paintings on the island.

The Buddhist community in Colombo exhibits profound reverence towards the Kelaniya temple, a singular location where Buddha visited during one of his three sojourns on the island in the sixth century BC. As a result, the Kelaniya temple is regarded as one of the eight holiest Buddhist sites on the island and is required every Buddhist to visit at least once in their lifespan.

In and around the city centre of Colombo are a number interesting tourist attractions, including lakes, parks, rivers, wetlands, and historic structures. Located in close proximity to numerous lakes, marshes, and an intricate system of canals that link these aquatic assets, the Ramsar wetland metropolis is referred to as Colombo. The area is roughly twenty square feet in size. Wetlands encompass miles of industrially significant land.

Meandering, riding, or strolling amid verdant surroundings are all viable activities at the Muthurajawela Wetland, situated in close proximity to Colombo. One of the best locations to observe birds in the Colombo area is Muthurajawela, which is replete with breeding-friendly marshes that are frequented by an extensive variety of bird species. One may encounter various fauna such as monkeys, crocodiles, mongooses, and monitor lizards while on a boat excursion.

Day 2: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Proceed northeast through the picturesque landscape, which consists predominantly of coconut farms, rubber plantations, and quaint towns, following a hearty breakfast. The road becomes increasingly sparsely populated, the environs become more verdant, and the distinctive features of the country become more conspicuous. The expedition reaches its culmination at the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, a highly frequented tourist area in Sri Lanka boasting numerous ancient sites.

Since its inception in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka tens of thousands of years ago, it has flourished. Exceptional historical structures are the sole remaining manifestations of the magnificence that characterised this ancient civilization. Regrettably, the technological prowess and knowledge that characterised antiquity seem to have vanished abruptly and have not been passed down to the current generation.

This ancient civilization possessed one of the most sophisticated water management systems ever developed by Man. They constructed enormous containers the size of numerous football fields and transferred water between them via hundreds of kilometres of meticulously constructed, low-gradient canals. The paintings were executed by proficient artisans during antiquity and have preserved their authentic range of hues. Some of their edifices approach the dimensions of the Giza Pyramids.

The reservoir Mineriya

The cultural triangle represents the initial portion of Sri Lankan history, encompassing the period from the third century BC to the Middle Ages. The five UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka—Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Kandy—comprise the Cultural Triangle, where the most significant evidence of Sinhalese civilization is discovered.

Monuments adorn the environs of each historical site, and one can readily locate picturesque pathways circumnavigating them. Certain ancient cities even have museums that contain artefacts of historical significance affiliated with the location.

After an extensive and time-consuming exploration of the most ancient site and historic city, retire for the night in Anuradhapura.

Overnight stay in Anuradhapura

Engaging in excursions such as visiting temples, day trips to Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, and Dambulla, and vehicle rentals with driver services exemplify travel and leisure pursuits in Sri Lanka.
On this five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka, notable tourist attractions include the Sigiriya rock castle, the Dambulla gilded temple, and the Tooth Relic Shrine. This private six-day excursion encompasses the awe-inspiring hill country of Sri Lanka as well. Safaris provide the opportunity for visitors to observe Sri Lanka’s fantastical fauna.

Day 3: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Proceed via the Ritigala forest to Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa after breakfast in order to visit the historic city of Polonnaruwa and the rock fortress of Sigiriya. Dedicated hillwalkers could dedicate an entire day to exploring the Sigiriya rock citadel and the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, each of which would require two hours to reach. Sigiriya, a monolithic boulder that was transformed into a permanent royal residence with palaces, guardhouses, moats, fountains, and well-kept gardens, was where King Kashyapa resided. The engineering marvel that is the Sigiriya rock fortification is comparable in some ways to the suspended cities of ancient Mesopotamia.

Polonnaruwa city tour

Polonnaruwa, situated in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, is 216 kilometres from Colombo. Polonnaruwa, a mediaeval city that attracts hundreds of visitors daily, is among the most frequented tourist destinations on the island. Between the 10th and 11th centuries AD, the capital and administrative centre of the Sri Lankan monarchs was Polonnaruwa.

Polonnaruwa was encircled by a multitude of Hindu religious structures during its height, such as stupas, dagobas, temples, and Ayurvedic hospitals. An expansion of the city’s parks and gardens enhanced its aesthetic appeal. A sophisticated water management system was designed in order to ensure the city’s water supply. The Parakrama Samudra, also known as the Sea of Parakrama, supplied the city and surrounding farmlands with the water they needed.

Parakrama Samudra

King Parakramabahu constructed the substantial man-made lagoon called Parakrama Samudra in the twelfth century. The 5940-hectare lake’s construction constituted one of the most extensive irrigation initiatives undertaken during the reign of the ancient kings.

Palace of King Parakramabahu

With a total of one thousand rooms and seven storeys, the citadel accommodated the royal residence of King Parakramabahu in addition to his administrative complex. During the twelfth century, one of the most devout monarchs of Sri Lanka, King Parakramabahu, ruled the island nation. The monarch initiated the construction of Buddhist temples, created new lakes and canals, and renovated antiquated irrigation systems; he also contributed considerably to the nation’s development. An approximately one-meter-thick rampart had been constructed by the monarch to encircle the fortress. Inlaid with stone carvings adorned the rampart.

The regal bath is accessible via a flight of stairs located in the easternmost region of the city, precisely opposite the citadel. It was postulated that the stone bath was accompanied by a diminutive pavilion that served as the designated changing area. It was elaborately embellished.

Buddhist temple Gal Vihara

Gal Vihara, alternatively referred to as Uttararama, is a Buddhist temple situated on the periphery of the city. It is adorned with four colossal granite Buddha sculptures. Designed by King Parakramabahu, this Buddhist temple was constructed in the twelfth century AD.

Vata da Ge

A dagoba, which is classified as pre-colonial Sri Lankan architecture, was constructed during the tenure of King Nissankamalla. Encircling it was a circular relic chamber. King Parakramabahu constructed the Hatadage relic chamber to contain the priceless tooth of the Buddha.

Overnight stay in Polonnaruwa or Sigiriya.

Day 4: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Commence your journey with an idyllic 75-kilometer drive along the A9 main route from Sigiriya to Kandy, traversing Sri Lanka’s hill country. Visit the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple to behold the countless Buddha murals and sculptures that are housed in five expansive, authentic caverns. In the initial century BC, King Walagambahu sought refuge at the temple after fleeing the anarchy induced by an invasion originating from south India. The monastic community defended the king against his pursuers by concealing him in the forest. The temple was subsequently constructed with his support after the monarch regained his prominence.

Following their visit to the Dambulla Golden Temple, tourists have the opportunity to acquire knowledge regarding the precious spices cultivated on the island through an organised stroll through a spice garden. While travelling from Spice Garden to Kandy, you will also have the opportunity to visit a significant Hindu temple. Our driver guide will then transport you to the Kandy hotel, where you will be lodged for the evening. Guests will be provided with a hotel-provided brunch and an opportunity for a brief rest before embarking on the city tour of Kandy.

The remainder of the day is spent investigating Kandy, an aesthetically pleasing metropolis that is replete with numerous popular tourist places in Kandy. After attending a Kandyan cultural performance in the afternoon, one will proceed to the temple where the tooth relic is venerated. Kandy Lake, the Tooth Relic Temple, and the Royal Botanical Garden comprise the majority of city tours of the city’s three most significant monuments.

Overnight stay in Kandy

Day 5: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Continue traversing the hill country until the difference in altitude from sea level ceases to exist. During the day, explore the awe-inspiring beaches, and then return to the west coast via the picturesque tea plantations. It would be an incredible experience to drive through the awe-inspiring mountain scenery of Sri Lanka’s hill country, which is situated between Nuwara Eliya and the Indian Ocean. St. Clair’s tea estate and Devon Fall are located along the Nuwara Eliya–Colombo highway. Lunch will be served at the Eco-resort estate hotel.

Proceed along the meandering, steep, and narrow road that links the central hills and western lowlands in order to catch a secluded tan.

After strolling along the serene, palm-lined beaches of Bentota, indulge in a delectable seafood platter accompanied by arrack, the preferred alcoholic beverage of the nation’s working class. The remainder of your leisure time can be spent relaxing on the white sand beaches and swimming in the Indian Ocean’s azure waters.

This region, which is situated further interior from the coast and comprises a vast expanse of forested land, mountain peaks, and small hamlets, offers an abundance of walking opportunities. Adventurers can guarantee a thrilling and daring day by participating in a variety of water activities, including kayaking, surfing, boating, diving, and snorkelling. Tourists and individuals in search of recreational pursuits will find solace in the coastlines; while sipping arrack cocktails at a beach bar, savour regional seafood, and peruse locally crafted jewellery, apparel, mementos, and gemstones.

Overhingt stay in Bentota

Day 6: 5-night Sri Lanka holiday package

Visit the southern coast of Sri Lanka on the final day of the six-day excursion to the country. This region is home to a town, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, forts, museums, and parks.
Proceed to Colombo following a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. The journeying party may make numerous stops along the route to explore noteworthy attractions. Presently, an tour to the Galle fortress, the Madu River Estuary, and Hikkaduwa Beach comprise the southern region of Sri Lanka. Tourists whose flights depart from Mattala or Colombo have the option to utilise an early conveyance service to the airport.

End of the Sri Lanka 6-day tour package

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