Sri Lanka South Coast Tour Package: 20 Must-See Spots

Situated in the vast Indian Ocean, the little island of Sri Lanka boasts a stunning coastline fringed by verdant flora and golden beaches.There is a solid reason why some of Sri Lanka’s most famous beaches are located on the southern coast. Venturing on a Sri Lanka south coast tour package is the perfect way to relax and take in the country’s stunning sandy beaches and refreshing ocean air. Visit Sri Lanka’s most visited wildlife reserve to learn about the island’s flora and fauna, and go whale-watching to see these magnificent creatures in their native environs

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What are the 20 must-see spots in southern Sri Lanka?

  • Yala National Park
  • Mulkirigal atemple
  • Kataragama temple
  • Mirissa
  • The coconut tree hill
  • Hikkaduwa Beach
  • Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary
  • Hiriketiya beach
  • Weligama Beach
  • Koggala Beach
  • Galle Fort
  • Udawalawe National Park
  • Lunu Ganga
  • Bentota River
  • Mangrove forest Bentota
  • Blow hole
  • Kosgoda
  • Tsunami museum
  • Beruwala Gem museum

1. Yala National Park

A Wild Life Safari will take you to a breathtaking national park and reservation where you may see exotic birds, leopards, peacocks, elephants, crocodiles, sloth bears, spotted deer, jackals, and sambars. Yala is most beautiful between the months of February and July. Yala, Udawalawe, and Bundala National Parks can all be explored from this vantage point.

2. Mulkirigala Temple on Rock

Mulkirigala, one of the South’s most remarkable ancient sites, is located close to Tangalle. Ancient cave temples with ornate carvings adorn the sides of a huge rock protrusion. The four-story temples were built at different periods throughout antiquity and date back to the third century B.C. At the top, reachable via approximately 500 steps connecting each level, are breathtaking views. You should do this walk so you can make sense of all the excellent meals at your disposal.

3. Kataragama Temple

One of the holiest sites on the island for Buddhists and Hindus alike, the temple of the god Kataragama draws worshippers from across the globe annually.At night, religious rites bring the temples to life.In order to obtain God Kataragama’s blessing, devotees bring trays of sacrifices and ring several drums and conch shells

4. Mirissa

Mirissa is an excellent location to visit if you want to observe the largest mammal on Earth. This pastime has rapidly become a top southern draw, so many tour companies in the area take tourists out to sea in the Indian Ocean to watch dolphins, whales, and turtles. The months of December through March are ideal for a memorable stay.

5: The Coconut tree Hill

Look no farther than this picturesque southern spot if you’re in need of one. Its coconut-lined setting near Mirissa Beach’s mouth provides stunning views of the ocean below. Mirissa’s Jungle Playground is home to an adventure park.

If you’re seeking an experience that won’t take you too far from the beach, a jungle playground is the way to go. An European couple built and runs this unique jungle track. It has climbing, mini-golf, and jungle bowling, among other difficulties.

7. Hikkaduwa Beach

Beautiful beaches, peaceful diving spots, and world-class surfing are the main draws to this exciting town. Dine on trendy cafes’ fusion cuisine or fresh seafood after visiting the various souvenir and curio stores that line the street.

8. Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary

Shelter means home in Hikkaduwa.Beautiful diving sites abound, accommodating divers of all experience levels. Dive schools and tour operators that are part of the PADI program can enable adventurers as young as eight years old to get their training. Explore eleven shipwrecks at different depths, go free diving, or swim with giant sea turtles.

9. Hiriketiya Beach

Attractive Horseshoe Harbor, which produces excellent waves, is a major draw for surfers. For individuals who want to relax and not get their hearts racing, the shore is dotted with a small number of hipster cafes and restaurants.

10. Weligama Beach

While the island is home to several fantastic surfing spots, Weligama Beach is particularly good for beginners. Since it is less hectic and more peaceful at the beach, it is ideal for family outings.

11. Koggala Beach

Other coastal areas have been home to the age-old practice of fishing from bamboo stilts since the Second World War. To give it a try, just ask around; the local fisherman will be more than happy to lend you their seat, lines, and bait if you’re willing to tip them. If you wish to reel in a trophy catch, fishing is best done either first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

12. The Galle Fort, Galle

Visit the Galle Fort, a fortification that the Portuguese and Dutch fortified in the early 1600s. Enjoy a scoop of gelato as you meander through the Maritime Museum’s charming cobblestone corridors and marvel at the stunning architecture. Among the many Fort attractions are hidden cafes, picturesque boutique hotels, the Galle Lighthouse, galleries showcasing artwork, antique shops, jewelry stores, and more.

13. Udawalawa National Park

In order to provide a safe haven for wild species who were displaced as a result of the Udawalawe Reservoir development, this national park was created. Elephants, leopards, and a plethora of exotic birds and reptiles are now available to tourists.

There is no bad season to visit Udawalawe National Park because animals, including leopards, live there throughout the year. This park is home to Sri Lanka’s biggest population of Asian elephants, so seeing one is definitely within your reach.

14. Geoffrey Bawa’s Estates—Lunu Ganga

Geoffrey Bawa is well-known among art enthusiasts. Visit the renowned Sri Lankan architect’s rural getaway, the Lunuganga Estate. You may observe the zenith of tropical modernism in his structures, the artwork scattered about the estate, and the lush gardens.

15. Bentota River

 Those looking for a change of pace on the lake can enjoy a range of water activities on the Benthota River. Water activities like jet skiing and banana boats are fun for the whole family.

16. Making the Journey to the Benthota River

 Mangroves, crocodiles, snakes, bats, and the second-heaviest lizard in the world (after the Komodo dragon!) may all be seen along Sri Lanka’s third-largest river! This location is further up, far from the water attractions.

17. A Dickwella Blowhole

You should definitely pay a visit to the Hummanaya Blowhole, which is the only blowhole in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, it is projected to be the second-largest blowhole in the world, and it will release water into the air to a height of 25–30 meters!

18. Kosgoda

Learn more about the huge efforts to increase the hatching and early survival rates of turtle hatchlings by taking a few moments to read about them. On top of that, you get to see how they care for injured or sick adult turtles before releasing them back into the water. Both locals and visitors from other countries can participate in extra awareness and volunteer programs if they so desire. Five threatened species of sea turtles lay their eggs along Sri Lanka’s southern and western shore

19. The Community Tsunami Museum at Hikkaduwa

Even though this little local museum honoring the victims of the 2004 tsunami is likely to leave visitors with a sense of sorrow, they will be astounded by Sri Lanka’s incredible strength and development in the wake of that tragedy.

20. Beruwala Gem Museum

The lively “Pathe” gem market in Beruwala is also known as China Fort, after the Chinese merchants who came there about 300 years ago. As many as 5,000 vendors are spread out over two buildings. Gem sales amounting to millions of dollars occur every day in the market, and purchasers come from all over the world to make their purchases.

tour itinerary of Sri Lanka South Coast Tour Package

Situated in the vast Indian Ocean, the little island of Sri Lanka boasts a stunning coastline fringed by verdant flora and golden beaches.There is a solid reason why some of Sri Lanka’s most famous beaches are located on the southern coast. A holiday along Sri Lanka’s southern coast is the perfect way to relax and take in the country’s stunning sandy beaches and refreshing ocean air. Visit Sri Lanka’s most visited wildlife reserve to learn about the island’s flora and fauna, and go whale-watching to see these magnificent creatures in their native environs

Sri Lanka South Coast Tour Package: Day 1

Proceed southward when exiting the airport. Although there isn’t a huge distance between towns in Sri Lanka, driving around the country is nevertheless an adventure. The 146-kilometer route begins at the Colombo airport and goes via the city center, the coastal city of Mount Lavinia, and the resort towns of Wadduwa, Kalutara, Beruwela, Bentota, Kosgoda, Ambalangoda, Hikkadduwa, and Galle.
The sights and sounds of the sea on one side and the commotion of residential and commercial life on the other will greet you as you travel to Galle along the coast. The sight of tuk tuks (trishaws), bullock carts, buses, and lorries will delight you as you enter Sri Lanka, and the sight of happy schoolchildren in their finest whites will be a welcome sight as well. When you get to Galle, you can check into your hotel.The second day begins with the first thing

Day 2: Sri Lanka South Coast Tour Package

Mirrissa (Dondara) is just forty minutes away from your accommodation, so you have plenty of time to relax or go on a boat tour to watch whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. The best time to see whales off the coast of Sri Lanka is between December and April. The largest known living organisms on Earth are blue whales, which may reach a maximum length of 100 feet (30 meters) and a weight of approximately 200 tons.

 They are one of the longest-lived mammals on Earth, with an average lifespan ranging from 80 to 90 years. As they breathe, blue whales display their magnificent single-column spouts, which may reach a height of twelve meters. When breaching the water’s surface, these whales typically raise their blowholes and shoulders far higher than those of other big whales. Observing a blue whale is an extraordinary experience due to these two characteristics.

Day 3: southern Sri Lanka trip

A leisurely stroll is the way to go when you visit the Galle Fort. After taking in the sights of the historic Dutch Church, the governor’s mansion, the spice warehouses, Court Square, the Kacheri (town hall), and the lighthouse, a leisurely stroll continues along the sea wall and ramparts.

The streets leading to the mosque, cricket fields, temple, and the old district judge’s home, surrounded by frangipani trees, are perfect for a leisurely stroll after you’ve visited the mosque.Galle, a fortified city, has been a major trading post for centuries. More than a millennium ago,  It was an important trading post for China, the Arab world, India, and Persia. Then, in 1299 AD, Marco Polo was among the Sumatran and Javanese peoples that arrived. To facilitate trade, a small Portuguese trading post was established upon arrival in 1505 AD. Following the Portuguese expulsion from their fort at Colombo in 1589 AD at the hands of the Kingdom of Kandy, a Portuguese settlement was initiated with a fort constructed of mud and palm trees.

Day 4 of South coast Sri Lanak tour

Tangalle is a fishing village halfway between Matara and Hambantota; visit it after breakfast. This location is famous as a turtle breeding ground and boasts a lengthy, immaculate beach.

 Near Tangalle, you’ll find some of the southern coast’s friendliest waves and gentlest sand, say many. Tangalle is gradually becoming the most private southern coast beach, thanks to its four kilometers of coral-protected sandy beach and the ability to scuba dive among a few wrecks.

Your arrival in Tangalle will mark the beginning of your two-night hotel stay.

Plus, the Rekawa Turtle Conservation Initiative safeguards a crucial sea turtle breeding site in Sri Lanka, located 10 kilometers east of Tangalle. Every night of the year, five different kinds of sea turtles lay their eggs on the shore. Visit the project during a full moon night for the most magical experience, according to Amanwella. Under the brilliant moonlight, the arrival of turtles is plainly visible.

Day 5 Sri Lanka south coast itinerary

By late afternoon on the fifth day, you will have left Tangalle and arrived at the Yala National Park gate. Yala National Park, one of the most visited animal preserves in Sri Lanka, is located two hours northeast of Tangalle.

A park tracker is on hand to accompany the guests as they explore the park. The huddles of brightly colored painted storks, crocodiles, fan-tailed peacocks, and monkeys whooping in the treetops add to the park’s distinctive animal allure. Aside from the secretive leopards, the park is best known for its people.

Day 6 Sri Lanka south coast itinerary

One can enjoy the sunrise from the hotel if they rise early enough. Visit the neighboring Bundala game sanctuary for a picture safari after breakfast or stroll through Hambantota town. Get back to Colombo in your car after you’re done. Check into your hotel room for the night.

Day 7 Sri Lanka south coast itinerary

After breakfast on day seven, you will board a boat to view the attractions around Colombo. Along your journey through the city, you will stroll by the “Fort,” a central business and commercial area built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Be sure not to miss the National Museum and its stunning ancient collection, as well as the lively Pettach marketplaces and bazaars. Independence Square and Town Hall will be on your left as you go on your way. An enthusiastic Sri Lankan will return you to the airport in time for your next flight after your Colombo sightseeing tour.

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