Sri Lanka two-day tour package

Savor the island’s history and natural splendor during a Sri Lanka two-day tour package. Your Sri Lanka two-day trip could include exploring the pristine south coast beach, going on a jeep safari through a national park, a stroll around the ancient monument in the cultural triangle, or an encounter with the gigantic whale in southern Sri Lanka. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Desperate for investigation, we are therefore prepared to assist you in selecting the most optimal Sri Lanka two-day tour package that is seamless in nature.

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Sri Lanka two-day tour package

Savor the island’s history and natural splendor during a Sri Lanka two-day tour package. Your Sri Lanka two-day trip could include exploring the pristine south coast beach, going on a jeep safari through a national park, a stroll around the ancient monument in the cultural triangle, or an encounter with the gigantic whale in southern Sri Lanka. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Desperate for investigation, we are therefore prepared to assist you in selecting the most optimal Sri Lanka two-day tour package that is seamless in nature.

What should be considered when planning a Sri Lanka two-day tour package?

Visiting fascinating tourist attractions in Sri Lanka while driving through picturesque countryside, coconut plantations, quaint villages, and cities is best delegated to an expert like Serendipity Tours. Your private chauffeur guide will meet you at the hotel and make arrangements to take you directly to the attraction so that there is no waiting around. On two of your days, an overnight stay at a hotel of your choosing is included in the journey.

The variety of locations to visit during a two-day excursion in Sri Lanka is truly staggering. However, after careful consideration of the locations’ historical and natural significance, as well as the travel time, we  have compiled a list of 12 sites that you may choose to visit during your two-day tour to Sri Lanka. The subsequent two-day tours in Sri Lanka are designed primarily for those departing from Colombo or west coast beach resorts.

For several weeks, I contemplated penning this blog post on two-day itineraries for Sri Lanka due to the substantial volume of emails I receive from our readers containing inquiries such as, “What are the most noteworthy destinations in Sri Lanka that can be explored within two days?”, “What is the top two-day tour package in Sri Lanka?” and “Can you organize a two-day tour package for Sri Lanka?”.

 On occasion, clients request that we recommend a few two-day excursions to Sri Lanka so that they can be incorporated into their beach vacation packages. As a result of my exceptionally hectic schedule, I was unable to allocate time to read this article. However, I was compelled to compose this blog post at some point because a great number of travelers are ravenous for the information that I am about to impart. This is a lengthy blog post; it will require ten minutes of your time to peruse and two days to compose.

How do you select the most memorable locations for a two-day tour package in Sri Lanka?

Each two-day excursion destination in Sri Lanka is detailed below, providing an abundance of opportunities to participate in a variety of engaging activities. A two-day tour of Sri Lanka can encompass a multitude of destinations. However, it is critical to select the most appropriate places to visit in order to ensure that you have a pleasant time and participate in activities that pique your interest. Failure to do so would render the trip futile; for instance, if your companion is more interested in culture than adventure activities, there is no point in visiting Kithulgala, which is primarily known for its outdoorsy activities.

 If you are more interested in wildlife than visiting the cultural triangle, your two-day tour in Sri Lanka should focus on Yala in southern Sri Lanka rather than Sigiriya. Yala is the perfect location for such a trip.

It is possible to reach all of the two-day destinations mentioned in this article from Colombo, the airport, or west coast coastal resorts including Benthota, Kalutara, Hikkaduwa, and Negombo. In general, guests of coastal hotels prefer to embark on one-day excursions from their beach resort, thereby, they do not have to spend extra money for accommodation outside of their beach resort. However, there are a small number of travelers who opt to take two-day tours in Sri Lanka.

Please consider including the following two-day excursions in Sri Lanka on your land tour package. For instance, if your itinerary includes 10 days in Sri Lanka, 8 days in Sri Lanka, or 9 days in Sri Lanka, it is simple to incorporate a few two-day excursions.

On occasion, we arrange two-day excursions to Sri Lanka for travelers en route to Colombo who wish to explore several noteworthy locations during their short vacation in the country. Other travelers who book these tours for two days in Sri Lanka are delegates of the government who are in the country on official business.

A two-day tour package of Sri Lanka is preferable to two one-day excursions because it significantly reduces travel time and provides additional time for sightseeing and relaxation. Given the two days at your discretion, it is feasible to visit Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya Rock, both of which are extremely popular tourist destinations, from Colombo.

What are the top destinations for a two-day tour in Sri Lanka?

You may be seeking recommendations for the top two-day destinations in Sri Lanka so that you can enjoy yourself over the upcoming weekend and escape the monotony of the office and home. Perhaps you have arrived in Sri Lanka via flight from a distant nation; you are currently on vacation; and you wish to visit a few tourist attractions on this foreign soil. Regardless of your criteria, we have compiled a list of the twelve most worthwhile destinations for a two-day excursion in Sri Lanka.

The following is a selection of the most frequented tourist destinations on the island. Numerous of them, including Dambulla and Sigiriya, are becoming UNESCO world heritage sites. A few locations, including Kitulgala and Galle, are conveniently accessible from Colombo and can thus be visited without difficulty during the course of a day excursion. Nevertheless, these points of interest are more appropriately packaged for a two-day excursion departing from Colombo, given the extensive distances that these excursions entail. Having a two-day excursion, in the end, permits you to investigate these significant locations at your leisure while also allowing for some relaxation.

What are the 12 best places for 2 days package in Sri-Lanka ?

  1. Sigiriya is 170 kilometers from Colombo and requires five or more hours to travel.
  2. 160 kilometers from Colombo; five or more hours by car
  3. Kandy is 117 kilometers [4+ hours] from Colombo.
  4. Yala National Park is 166 kilometers (five hours or more) from Colombo.
  5. Nuwara Eliya is 126 kilometers (four+ hours) by car from Colombo.
  6. Polonnaruwa is 230 kilometers from Colombo and requires five or more hours to travel.
  7. Galle is 120 kilometers from Colombo and requires four or more hours to travel.
  8. Mirissa is 152 kilometers from Colombo and requires four or more hours to travel.
  9. 150 kilometers from Colombo; four or more hours by car
  10. Adam’s peak is 137 kilometers from Colombo and requires five or more hours to travel.
  11. 90 kilometers from Colombo; three-plus hours by car
  12. Sinharaja is 138 kilometers from Colombo and requires more than three hours to travel.

When is the optimal time for two-day excursions in Sri Lanka?

The northeast monsoon, which occurs between November and April, is regarded as the best time to travel to Sri Lanka. With the exception of the north and east, the majority of Sri Lanka experiences a mild and sunny climate during this time, which is conducive to outdoor activities. Simultaneously, the waters off the west and south coasts become exceptionally secure for all activities involving saltwater, including swimming, diving, snorkeling, surfing, and snorkeling.

All of the aforementioned destinations for two-day excursions are located along Sri Lanka’s southern coast, west coast, or hill country of Sri Lanka. During the north-east monsoon (November to April), these regions experience pleasant weather. However, from April to November, the aforementioned locations experience significant rainfall as a result of the monsoon’s influence.

What should I do during my two-day holiday in Sri Lanka?

With only two-day package at your discretion, the two-day tours to Sri Lanka will be extremely limited in scope; nevertheless, it is possible to visit one or two significant tourist destinations while there is still time in the country. Perhaps you could even visit three of the aforementioned Sri Lankan destinations during your two-day excursion. For example, a two-day tour package could include visits to the elephant sanctuaries at Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Pinnawala, all of which are situated along the primary route connecting Colombo to Sigiriya.

You will have the opportunity to explore the Pinnawala elephant orphanage, the Tooth Relic Temple, the Royal Botanical Garden, and the Sri Lanka Mountains during your two-day Sri Lanka tour to Kandy.

The five two-day excursions of Sri Lanka listed below are extremely popular with tourists. A unique assortment of tourist attractions and activities comprise each tour. Hence, it is critical to select the most suitable tour itinerary in accordance with one’s personal interests. For instance, the Cultural Triangle tour encompasses a plethora of noteworthy historical sites, whereas the Southern Sri Lanka tour primarily consists of fauna and includes only a few historical sites and beaches.

1. Two days in the upland country of Sri Lanka

Day one begins at 7:00 am with a departure to Kandy, the metropolis of Sri Lanka’s hill country and one of the island’s most picturesque cities. Prior to reaching Kandy, the journey will include two stops: one at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage, and the other at a spice garden. After visiting the lapidary and gem museums in the afternoon, attend the Kandy cultural performance. The day concludes with an excursion to the temple housing tooth relics. Pay for the night in Kandy.
After the break on day two, proceed to Nuwara Eliya via the Ramboda plateau on the Kandy-Nuwara Eliya road. Visit the Ramboda cascades, a tea factory, and a tea garden en route. Following a noon sightseeing excursion of Nuwara Eliya, travel via Kitulgala and Ginigathhena to Colombo.

2. Two-day tour of the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka

Day 1: Depart Chilaw in the early morning for Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka’s earliest capital, Anuradhapura, is comprised of countless crumbling structures dating back to the third century BC. After an afternoon city tour of Anuradhapura, we will transfer to our hotel in Sigiriya. Spend the night in Sigiriya.

Day 2: Proceed to the summit of Sigiriya rock fortress following breakfast, and subsequently pay a visit to the gilded temple of Dambulla. Following that, continue to your hotel in Colombo, and while en route, you will stop by the Pinnawala elephant orphanage.

3. Two days in Sri Lanka: fauna and the south coast

Arrive in Udawalwe via Rathnapura (the gem city) at 7:00 AM on the first day. After touring the gem mines, museum, and en-rouet, en-rouet returns to the hotel in Udawalawe. Wildlife tours are prevalent in Udawalawe, and Udawalawe National Park is among the finest locations in Sri Lanka to observe wild elephants. Spend the night in Udawalawe.
Day 2: Depart early in the morning for an excursion into the wildlife sanctuary of Udawalawe National Park. Subsequently, depart for a hotel in Kandy via Galle, making en route visits to Hikkaduwa Beach, Galle Fort, and Bentota Beach.

Transport for a two-day journey to Sri Lanka

However, you should not rush the planning of your Sri Lanka vacation by including every tourist attraction (both significant and minor) in the schedule; you must also allow time for travel. It is exceedingly challenging to precisely anticipate the time required to travel between two destinations due to the congested roads of Sri Lanka; there are always factors to consider.
When one schedules an exhaustive array of attractions and activities for a two-day sojourn in Sri Lanka, time allotment for each site inevitably becomes constrained, resulting in an unwarranted sense of urgency. In fact, you must allot time to linger and investigate the attractions; otherwise, your Sri Lanka two-day tour would be in vain.

Although this article focuses primarily on two-day excursions in Sri Lanka, I will not confine it to the aforementioned locations. Additionally, I am going to provide you with an overview of some additional tourist destinations that are conveniently located near our selected attractions. You may also include these secondary tourist attractions on your two-day excursion to Sri Lanka, if time permits.

Top activities for two-day tour package in Sri Lanka

During a two-day excursion to Sri Lanka, you may include shopping, visiting historical sites, engaging in rainforest trekking, wildlife safaris, upcountry exploration, and adventure activities such as waterfall abseiling and water rafting. Consider indulging in a two-day Ayurveda wellness treatment if you are not in the mood for extensive travel. Floating aimlessly at a luxury beach resort while sporadically indulging in freshly caught Sri Lankan seafood and imbibing cocktails also sounds absolutely divine.

It is strongly advised that you refrain from utilizing public transportation to travel in Sri Lanka during your two-day excursion, as doing so could significantly consume your time and potentially disrupt your entire vacation itinerary. When organizing a two-day excursion in Sri Lanka, private transportation is the most recommended mode of travel due to its punctuality and lack of reliability. Public transportation consistently causes delays and is not a viable option. Conversely, private transportation offers unparalleled convenience and comfort. In Sri Lanka, public buses and railroads are frequently overcrowded.

Additionally, private transportation ensures safety and saves time. Due to the fact that you have only two days on this journey (including an overnight stay), it is critical that you maximize your travel time. You must allot a substantial amount of time for tourism, keeping in mind that access to the sites is restricted to daylight hours.

Seerendipity Tour offers dozens of pre-arranged two-day packages in Sri Lanka. Peruse our Sri Lanka tour packages on this page to determine if the two-day tour you’re seeking is already in stock. Requesting that the staff of Seerendipity Tours create a personalized Sri Lanka tour package for you will not incur any additional costs, regardless of whether you choose to book the tour through us or another provider.
Exploring picturesque countryside during a two-day excursion to the southern region of Sri Lanka
2-day excursions in Sri Lanka are offered in a variety of formats; it is your responsibility to select the most appropriate package. Two-day excursions in Sri Lanka can be classified into the following broad categories:

  • Sri Lankan beach vacations lasting two days
  • A two-day adventure excursion of Sri Lanka
  • Two-day wildlife tour program in Sri Lanka
  • A two-day cultural triangle excursion of Sri Lanka
  • 2-day excursion to southern Sri Lanka
  • A two-day upcountry Sri Lanka tour itinerary

Five alternative Sri Lankan destinations for two-day excursions

1.Udawalawe National Park

One of the finest locations in Sri Lanka for wildlife vacations is Udawalawe National Park. With a safari, Udawalawe National Park is included in the majority of Sri Lanka beach vacation packages. This two-day excursion to Sri Lanka provides the opportunity to explore several significant historical sites, including the Kande Vihara Buddhist temple and Galle. Book a two-day excursion to Udawalawe from Colombo or the majority of coastal resorts along the west and south coasts. It takes one day to reach Udawalawe from Ella, which is a convenient location.

2. Adams Peak

Although the hike to Adams Peak is always a two-day excursion, you will have a very brief night due to the moonlit nature of the trek. The ascent during the hike to Adams Peak lasts approximately five hours, while the descent takes approximately three hours.

3. Kitulgala

Sri Lanka is the ideal destination for thrill-seekers seeking the greatest travel experience. Nevertheless, a visit to Kitulagala should not always consume two days package as the closest point to Colombo is merely 100 kilometers distant. Two hours are required to travel from Colombo to Kitulgla by car. Nonetheless, it is advisable to organize a two-day excursion to Kitulaga, given the plethora of adventure pursuits available there, including mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, and more.

4. Ancient city of Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is an archaeological zoo and a historical city comprised of thousands of decaying ancient monuments spanning over 40 square kilometers. Anuradhapura, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, is highly recommended for a two-day excursion in Sri Lanka, where one can delve into significant temples, museums, and monuments.

5. Sinharaja Rainforest

The Sinharaja Rainforest, situated in Gondwana, is among the most ancient forested regions globally, having originated during the Gondwana period. Although Sinharaja can be visited as a one-day excursion from Colombo, it is advisable to plan a two-day journey from Sri Lanka in order to comprehensively investigate the rainforest’s flora and fauna. From Colombo and the majority of west coast beach resorts, the journey to Sinharaja takes approximately three hours.

Attractions for two-day excursions in Sri Lanka

As stated previously, there are countless locations to visit during a two-day excursion in Sri Lanka. However, in selecting the following locations, I adhered to the criterion that they should primarily justify the time investment and deliver an exhilarating and memorable experience.
From picturesque mountains adorned with tea plantations and dilapidated historical structures situated in the cultural triangle to somber rainforests and idyllic beach resorts along the western and southern coastlines, this article details a variety of locations. Organize day excursions from Colombo or the airport with the intention of unwinding, seeking out activities, and receiving divine blessings.

A palace complex from the 5th century, the Sigiriya rock fortress features landscaped gardens, moats, swimming pools, fountains, and frescoes. King Kashyapa constructed his regal palace at an elevation of 500 meters above sea level, atop the monolithic rock. The frescoes can be discovered at the midpoint of the ascent along the trail.

Cultural triangle excursion to Sri Lanka for two days

1. Sigiriya Rock is 170 kilometers (five hours or more) by car from Colombo.

The two-day journey from Sri Lanka to Sigiriya rock fortress is one of the most recommended travel experiences; upon arrival, you will be confronted with throngs of tourists throughout the day, which attests to the site’s immense popularity.

The Sigiriya Rock Fort is the most frequented landmark that the majority of tourists visit when they visit Sri Lanka. It is exceedingly unlikely that a multi-day sightseeing excursion of Sri Lanka would fail to include a visit to the Sigiriya rock fortress. Sigiriya is situated in the center of the cultural triangle, an ancient haven for culture that is more commonly referred to as Sri Lanka. Splendid with ancient architecture including moats, palaces, swimming pools, granite caverns, and walls, this historically significant town was founded in the fifth century AD and is presently undergoing a delicate restoration.

It is situated in an oasis that exemplifies primordial land use, water management, and irrigation practices. Its verdant and bountiful terrain presents a striking juxtaposition to the surrounding terrain.

Sigiriya rock fortress hiking
Approximately three hours are required to complete the ascent and descent of the Sigiriya trail, in addition to the time necessary to admire the ruins and take in the scenery. Nevertheless, the commencement time of your trek is critical and largely determines its duration. It is strongly advised to begin the trek early in order to avoid the pilgrims and other tourists who form a line to reach the summit. Therefore, the most effective method for investigating the Sigiriya fortress is to spend the night near the rock and begin the trek at 7:00 am the following day.

Consider visiting Sigiriya.

Sigiriya Rock is without a doubt the most frequented tourist destination on the island, attracting tens of thousands of visitors daily. The Sigiriya rock fortress visit is the primary reason you scheduled this two-day excursion to Sri Lanka.

This UNESCO world heritage site features swimming pools, gardens, palaces, ponds, caves, an audience hall, and ancient paintings, making it one of the earliest landscaped gardens in the world. In order to access Sigiriya, which falls under the jurisdiction of Sri Lanka, Visitors are obliged to procure a $35.00 USD entrance pass.

Which locations are encompassed in the two-day excursion to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka?

  • Sigiriya fortress of rocks
  • The ancient Pidurangala temple
  • The subterranean temple of Dambulla
  • Minneriya National Park safari
  • Hiriwadunna village (cooking class and village tour)
  • Observing birds in the Sigiriya forest preserve

Two-day excursions to the Pidurangala Temple in Sri Lanka

King Kashyapa, the founder of the Sigiriya rock fortress, also provided funding for this Buddhist temple, despite it being of significantly less significance than the rock. A few kilometers away from the mountain is the magnificent temple, which is adorned with numerous Buddha statues and temple paintings.

The Dambulla grotto shrine
The historical significance of the Dambulla cave sanctuary makes it a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Established in the first century BC, the Dambulla cave temple is among the most ancient cave temples on the planet. The temple contains over a hundred Buddha statues, goddess figures, and Buddhist paintings.

Minneriya National Park

Wildlife exploration on foreign soil is an exhilarating endeavor that the majority of tourists enjoy. On this Sri Lanka two-day excursion, you may partake in a jeep safari at Minneriya National Park; nevertheless, the opportunity to do so is contingent on time availability. If your two-day Sri Lanka tour began in Colombo or Negombo, you will have sufficient time to include the safari. You may not have time for it, however, if you complete the Sri Lanka two-day tour in southern Sri Lankan cities such as Benthota and Galle.

The Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, which is accessible via a brief detour, is a well-liked tourist destination. Those returning to the southern or western coast of Sri Lanka may find it unsettling to stop en route to visit the orphanage. If you are returning to Nuwara Eliya and Kandy, however, the orphanage is quite distant.

A ten-day Buddhist tour of Sri Lanka encompasses the principal Buddhist religious sites on the island, which are typically inaccessible to tourists. Somawathiya, Mahiyangana, Girihandu seya, Seruwila raja maha vihara, Kiri vehera, Tissamaharama raja maha vihara, and other significant temples are included in the excursion. The majority of the temples you will visit on this journey are not visited on popular Sri Lanka excursions. This excursion is tailored specifically for Buddhist devotees. This is a private excursion that is amenable to modification to suit your particular needs. All entrance fees, accommodations in luxury hotels, transportation in a luxury vehicle, daily breakfast and supper, and all applicable taxes are included in the trip.

2. Sri Lanka Must See: Dambulla, 160 kilometers from Colombo, five-plus hours by car

An additional significant tourist attraction within Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is believed that King Walagambahu resided in the temple during the invasion of the capital (Anuradhapura) by the south Indian Chola army in the first century BC. The monarch eventually returned to Kandy after disposing of the Chola army.

Dambulla Cave Temple is situated in close proximity to the city center of Dambulla; it can be reached within a few minutes by foot. Dambulla is an obligatory stop en route to historical sites like Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya if you are traveling from Bentota, Galle, or Negombo; therefore, you may visit the Dambulla cave temple without making an additional journey. The Dambulla cave temple is typically accommodated during the two-day excursion to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka.
Upon accessing the Dambulla cave temple, visitors are obligated to adhere to the prescribed attire and pay an entrance fee of USD 10.00.

What locations are encompassed in the two-day excursion to Dambulla, Sri Lanka?

  • The Golden Cave Temple of Dambulla
  • Minneriya National Park safari
  • Pinnawala orphanage for elephants
  • Sigiriya fortress of rocks
  • The Pidurangala fortress
  • A spice or herb garden

3. Sri Lankan attractions, Kandy, 117 kilometers from Colombo, four-plus hours by car

Kandy, renowned for its Buddhist sanctuaries and historical significance, is considered the cultural epicenter of Sri Lanka. There are a ton of fascinating attractions surrounding Kandy, such as temples, botanical gardens, tea plantations, lakes and rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, cultural performances, and the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. Kandy is renowned for its exceptional purchasing opportunities, featuring a diverse selection of merchandise including apparel, leather goods, gems and jewelry, tea, spices, and mementos.

Tooth relic Temple

The tooth relic temple visit is the pinnacle of this two-day excursion to Sri Lanka. The most significant Buddhist temple on the island is located in the city of Kandy, where the tooth relic temple is situated. Daily, tens of thousands of Buddhist devotees pay homage at the temple; therefore, visitors must strictly adhere to the monastery’s dress code.

What are the most significant Sri Lankan destinations to see during a two-day tour package to Kandy?

  • Temple containing tooth relics
  • A historical site
  • The Museum of Tea
  • The Royal Botanical Garden is one example.
  • Lake Kandy (for boating)
  • Tea manufacturing facility
  •  Pinnawala orphanage for elephants

Kandyan cultural exhibition

This two-day private tour of Sri Lanka encompasses the two most significant tourist destinations in southern Sri Lanka, namely Yala and Galle Fort. Guests will have the opportunity to explore various tourist attractions, including the estuary of the Madu River, Yala National Park, Galle Fort, the Moonstone Mines, the Sea Turtle Conservation Project, Yala Wildlife Reserve, and Yala National Park. The excursion consists of a picnic supper and a full-day safari in Yala National Park. The tour encompasses comprehensive ground transportation to all Sri Lankan destinations, a live guide, lodging, and all applicable taxation.

4. Sri Lanka’s Yala National Park is 166 kilometers from Colombo and requires a three-plus-hour journey.

A two-day tour excursion from Sri Lanka to Yala is a highly sought-after activity among international tourists due to the opportunity it provides to observe the leopard, one of the most endangered species on the planet. The two-day excursion to Yala is available for reservation at over forty hotels located in the western and southern regions of Sri Lanka. The two-day excursion to Sri Lanka can be completed in three hours via jeep expedition or with a full-day Yala safari.

What are the must-see places on a two-day Sri Lankan trip to Yala?

  • Yala National Park (1st)
  • Galle Fort•
  • Beach Hikkaduwa
  • Entrance to the Madu River estuary
  • Project to conserve sea turtles
  • Mask Museum •

5. Nuwara Eliya: 126 kilometers from Colombo; five-plus hours by car

Nuwar Eliya, situated at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level, is among the most well-liked hill country resorts in Sri Lanka. Hill country resorts in Sri Lanka, including Nuwar Eliya and Ella, are unquestionably alluring. It stands in stark contrast to the vibrant urban landscapes of Colombo and Negombo, as well as the idyllic coastlines fringed with coconut trees. The renowned Ceylon tea is cultivated in the inland tea stations of Sri Lanka’s highlands. Due to its therapeutic climate, Nuwara Eliya was among the most-liked settlements of colonial rulers.

Due to the steep road and numerous turns, the journey from Colombo and the majority of other coastal resorts on the west coast to Nuwara Eliya takes approximately five hours. The elevation of 1800 meters above sea level in Nuwara Eliya is the primary factor contributing to its widespread appeal as a vacation spot.

Road and rail travel are the prevailing modes of transportation utilized to reach the upland country of Sri Lanka. By taking the train or bus, one is afforded the opportunity to behold the picturesque landscapes of the hill country. However, train travel is extremely popular, and the hill country train excursion in Sri Lanka is regarded as one of the most picturesque train journeys in the world. The unanticipated allure of Sri Lanka lies in its remarkable diversity of landscapes and culture, which is remarkable for a small island nation.

A vacation spot with a therapeutic climate, Nuwara Eliya experiences temperatures hovering around 20 degrees Celsius. Nuwara Eliya is encompassed by tea plantations and mountain peaks. In contrast to the majority of other two-day excursions in Sri Lanka, this one will not show you many religious sites; in particular, it is exceedingly unlikely that you will visit a historically significant Buddhist temple. Although, you will visit the Hanuman temple and the Sita temple, both of which are Hindu shrines.

What are the most significant sites to see on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Nuwara Eliya?

  • Gregory Lake, factory of tea
  • Ambewela Farm  
  • Horton Plains National Park is one example.
  • Strawberry plantation
  • Seetha Temple •
  • Water falls
  •  Haggala Garden of Botanicals

6. Sri Lankan attractions, Polonnaruwa (230 kilometers from Colombo, five hours journey )

Historically, Polonnaruwa served as the second capital of Sri Lanka, and during the 11th century, Sri Lankan kings governed the island from that location. The historical metropolis of Polonnaruwa conceals scores of sites with centuries-old significance.

The primary purpose of embarking on a two-day excursion to Polonnaruwa is to explore the historical monuments that stand as a tangible manifestation of the ancient Sri Lankan civilization and historical legacy. Numerous historical structures, including parks, lakes, gardens, palaces, and temples, can be observed at the archaeological site.

What are the most essential stops on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Polonnaruwa?

  • The historic Polonnaruwa city
  • Sigiriya fortress of rocks
  • Temple of Dambulla
  • A safari through Minneriya National Park
  • An herb garden
  • The central handicraft facility
  • Hiriwadunna village (cooking class and village tour)
  • Pinnawala orphanage for elephants

7. 160 kilometers from Colombo; four hours plus by car

As the capital of southern Sri Lanka, Galle is a well-liked coastal destination. Due to its historical significance, Galle Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most recognizable structure in the city. The most well-preserved fort constructed by the Dutch in the area, Galle Fort was completed in the 15th century AD.

The Fort is encircled by an enormous wall and contains an entire city comprised of grand residences and workplaces. Presently, the majority of structures serve as inns, hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, stores, cafes, bars, and museums. Wander the narrow, cobblestone streets and admire the ancient Dutch-style mansions that have been meticulously preserved.

What are the most essential stops on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Galle?

  • Galle Fort
  • Beach Hikkaduwa
  • The Madu River estuary
  • Beach at Benthota
  • Mask Museum •
  • Marine sanctuary of Hikkaduwa
  • Sea turtle conservation project: This endangered marine creature can be observed up close at the sea turtle conservation project, which is a must-see for the majority of tourists during their Galle excursion.
  • Moonstone mines

This two day excursion departs from Colombo and other main west coast beach resorts in Sri Lanka. A guided walking tour of Galle Fort and an all-inclusive whale-watching excursion off Mirissa comprise this one-day excursion. On this one-day excursion, you will additionally explore the sea turtle conservation center, mask museum, and spice garden. All taxes are included in the private tour, which features complete ground transportation in a luxurious vehicle, breakfast, and a live guide.

8. Attractions in Sri Lanka Mirissa is 152 kilometers (two hours plus drive) from Colombo.

Mirissa is an all-inclusive vacation spot in Sri Lanka, particularly for families seeking a coastal vacation, due to its extensive array of activities suitable for all members of the family. Mirissa, which is one of the most prominent locations for whale-watching tours worldwide, is the epicenter of whale-watching in Asia. Historically a popular beach resort in the south, whale-watching excursions have elevated Mirissa beyond a mere beach resort.

A considerable proportion of expeditioners departed from Mirissa with the intention of spotting blue whales and sperm whales. Whale sightings are particularly feasible in Mirissa between November and April, when a significant influx of cetaceans migrates from the Arabian Sea to the waters of Sri Lanka. A two-day excursion from Sri Lanka to Mirissa customarily culminates in an overnight stay in Mirissa, as whale-watching vessels depart from the harbor early in the morning.

What are the most essential stops on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Mirissa?

  • Mirissa Beach
  • Galle fortification
  • Beach Hikkaduwa
  • the Madu River estuary
  • Beach at Bentota
  • Mask Museum •
  • Marine sanctuary of Hikkaduwa
  • Project to conserve sea turtles
  • Moonstone deposits

9. Udawalawe National Park is 150 kilometers (three hours plus drive) from Colombo.

A visit to Udawalawe National Park is primarily motivated by the opportunity to observe wildlife there; it is among the finest locations to witness large herds of wild elephants. A day journey from Colombo can take you to the remote tourist attraction; however, for a more leisurely exploration of the national park, it is advisable to depart Sri Lanka for a two-day excursion to Udawalawe.

Galle fortress, Hikkaduwa beach, Udawalawe elephant transit camp, Madu River estuary, Bentota beach, Mask Museum, Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, Sea turtle conservation project, and Moonstone mines are all significant tourist destinations that can be visited during this two-day excursion in Sri Lanka.

The two-days excursion to Udawalawe National Park in Sri Lanka is readily combinable with the whale-watching excursion, the Yala National Park tour, and the Galle two-day excursion.

What are the most essential stops on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Udawalawe National Park?

  • Udawalawe National Park
  • Elephant transit site at Udawalawe
  • Mirissa Beach
  • Galle Fort 
  • Beach Hikkaduwa
  • Madu River estuary
  • Beach at Bentota
  • Mask Museum 
  • Marine sanctuary of Hikkaduwa
  • Project to conserve sea turtles
  • Moonstone deposits

10. Adam’s peak is 137 kilometers (four hours plus drive) from Colombo.

Despite the fact that many of the dramatic and gorgeous mountains that Sri Lanka is endowed with attract only a handful of tourists annually, Adams Peak is an exception. Sri Lanka’s sacred mountain, Adam’s peak, has gained significant popularity as both a pilgrimage destination for domestic tourists and an adventure destination for international visitors.

The apex of the two-days excursion to Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka comprised a five-hour ascent to view the Buddha footprint that is situated atop the mountain. The hike can be extremely taxing, necessitating several days of recuperation at your hotel. Despite this, a considerable number of travelers accept the challenge and ascend the mountain on foot. Mounted within a reserve that is enveloped by an abundance of verdant forest. Its popularity among international tourists is primarily due to the abundance of enthralling landscapes.

What are the must-see locations on a Sri Lanka two-day tour package to Adam’s peak? •

  • Kitulgala
  • Saman Devala Ratnapura
  • Mask Museum
  • Moonstone mines

Visit the major tourist attractions along Sri Lanka’s southern coast, including wildlife reserves, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and the town itself, by embarking on a tour of southern Sri Lanka.

11. 90 kilometers from Colombo; three hours plus by car

While Kitulgala, situated on the west coast of Sri Lanka, is primarily recognized for its whitewater rafting offerings, it is also a marvelous destination in its own right, featuring scenic trekking routes, rain forests, boulder-rich rugged terrain, granite caves, and green-capped mountains. Although there are only a few predetermined routes, this creates an abundance of opportunities.

This Sri Lanka two-day tour package allows you to immerse in numerous adrinaline pumping acivities. Numerous exhilarating activities, including caving, mountain climbing, rainforest trekking, water rafting, kayaking, hiking, and mountain bicycling, will make a two-day journey from Sri Lanka to Kitulgala an eventful and thrilling experience for the majority of tourists. This excursion is frequently booked by adventure enthusiasts and is offered by over 40 hotels in western and southern Sri Lanka, in addition to the airport. A day journey from Colombo is sufficient to complete the excursion, which entails water fasting, kayaking, and jungle trekking, among other activities.

Numerous forested areas in Kitulgala are suitable for jungle excursions and treks in Sri Lanka; the city is not exclusively an adventure vacation spot. One such rainforest is the Kitulgala rainforest, which is situated along the Kelaniya river and is suitable for jungle excursions. The Sri Lanka jungle excursion centered on the Kitulgala rainforest is extremely brief, lasting no longer than two hours, due to its diminutive size in comparison to the majority of Sri Lanka’s rainforests.

An additional significant tourist attraction is Belilena, a prehistoric cave situated in close proximity to Kitulgala that is believed to have been inhabited by a prehistoric man in Sri Lanka. During the excavations, a significant quantity of stone implements have been uncovered within the cave.

12. Sinharaja rainforest is 138 kilometers (three hours plus driving) from Colombo

At least for the time being, Sri Lanka is replete with vegetation cover; approximately 24% of the island is forested. Steamy rainforests comprise a significant proportion of Sri Lanka’s remaining forest cover; therefore, unadulterated rainforests like the Sinharaja rainforest are regarded as ecological systems housing among the most diverse and ecologically significant habitats.
Sri Lanka’s nineteenth-century forest cover decreased significantly as a result of the expansion of tea plantations and other agricultural activities along its borders.

The rate of deforestation decreased significantly in the postcolonial period. Nevertheless, a rainforest atrocity had recently transpired in Wilpattu National Park. Politicians encroached upon a significant portion of Wilpattu National Park in order to establish additional human settlements.

Venturing on this Sri Lanka two-day tour package allows you to see the last remaining primieval rainforest in sri Lanka. The Sinharaja rainforest has garnered international recognition due to its exceptional biodiversity, which has earned it the designation of a UNESCO world heritage site. The Sinharaja rainforest is among the world’s few remnant tropical forests. A visit to this exceptionally valuable natural resource of Sri Lanka would assuredly provide travelers with an indelible experience. Sinharaja’s verdant forest is among the world’s oldest sections of rainforest, with origins dating back several millennia (to the Gondwanaland period).

By embarking on a Sinharaja rainforest tour, tourists are granted the invaluable opportunity to explore the Sinharaja forest. While on this excursion, guests can engage in trekking activities within the Sinharaja forest and behold the forest’s immeasurable natural resources. Guests are accompanied for the duration of the four-hour excursion by one of our nature experts, who imparts every nugget of knowledge regarding this ecological marvel. The Sinharaja rainforest is a popular destination for nature travels in Sri Lanka and is regarded as an ideal location for jungle excursions.

How do I reserve a Sri Lanka two-day tour package?

Seerendipity Tours is a locally owned and operated travel agency that specializes in providing year-round Sri Lanka excursions. Further inquiries should be directed to For inquiries regarding Sri Lanka or to make a reservation, please contact us via WhatsApp at 009477www0977 or by dialing 0094774440977.
Colombo is the corporate headquarters of Seerendipity Tour,a wholly locally owned travel agency.  A key strength of Seerendipity Tours is their exceptionally knowledgeable local personnel, who are capable of organizing your ideal holiday to Sri Lanka. By reserving a tour through us, you are transferring the payment directly to a local tour operator.This eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables you to bypass the commissions typically assessed by third-party booking portals and tour companies.

Simply get in touch with us and specify your travel plans and preferred tourist destinations. Our staff will create a customized program for you, which you are free to modify until you find the most suitable package. Additionally, for ideas, peruse our existing Sri Lanka tour packages; each of our pre-made tour packages is adaptable and can be modified to precisely your specifications. Contact us via email at

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