Top 17 Sites To See On Hill Country Tours in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan Tourist Destinations Guided by Hill Country Tours

Venturing on one of the hill country tours in Sri Lanka is the best way to see Sri Lanka’s scenic hill country. The result of millions of years of geological upheavals, the island’s center is mostly covered by tall hills. A magical, historically significant, and religiously significant area in Sri Lanka, the hill country is home to train routes, commercially valuable tea trees, and Buddha’s left eye-tooth.

The beaches of Sri Lanka, the most visited tourist destination on the island, are contrasted most attractively with the Hill Country of the island. The best approach to appreciate the breathtaking natural beauty of Sri Lankan upcountry is to embark on one of the hill country trips that center around the central highland.

Seeing Sri Lanka’s hill country’s natural splendor is best done by taking an upcountry train trip, which many tourists undertake every day. On a spiral-shaped railroad track, the train sliced inch by inch through the verdant surrounds. In its difficult trek to the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill country, it passes steep ravines, swaths of woodland, tumbling waterfalls, perineal streams, dismal tunnels, vegetable plots, and tea estates.

There are many popular hill country tours in Sri Lanka, such a one-day and two-day version of Kandy Nuwara Eliya tour. However, the 3-day tour is the most popular among the hill country tours in Sri Lanka. The three-day hill country tour allows the visitors to see a lot of Sri Lankan tourism destinations. It also enables the travelers to engage in many interesting activities such as trekking, hiking, mountain climbing etc.

Itinerary of three-day Sri Lanka hill country tour

Day 1: Colombo > Kandy

Day 2 Kandy > Pinnawala > Nuwara-Eliya

Day 3: Nuwara Eliya to Kitulgala to Colombo

Day 1: country tour of Sri Lanka

Like most other hill country tours in Sri Lanka, this 3-day tour also planned to start either from Colombo or the airport. However, Seerendipity tours offer pick-up from 400+ many other hotels on the west and south coast of Sri Lanka.

Visiting Kandy

Once you reach Bandaranaike International Airport, you will be met by a tour guide or a representative of Seerendipity Tours and then driven to Kandy. Take on an afternoon walking tour of the main center of Kandy. Prior to it coming under British rule in 1815, this city was the final royal capital of Sri Lankan kings. King Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe held control of it until the British did. UNESCO World Legacy Site, it attracts visitors from all over the world with its rich history, legacy, and cultural attractions.

Kandy sightseeing tour

Explore the energetic town center, which has a dynamic market, top-notch shops, an arts and crafts center, a gem museum and a lapidary, among other attractions. Head in the direction of the Victoria Golf Course, one of the best in the world and possessing a unique elegance and class. Visit the Kandy Market as well and take in the brilliant colors of the fresh fruits and vegetables that are being offered there. Walking to the beat of traditional music and drumming, accompanied by a cultural presentation showcasing Sri Lanka’s vibrant and rich culture—known as the Wonder of Asia—will make your evening perfect.

Royal botanical garden tour

Then head to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya, a burgeoning national treasure. Situated just four miles from Kandy, the gardens were first drawn as a pleasure garden under the reign of the royal family and were later expanded upon by the British. They also have the most comfortable amenities. Entering this 147-acre haven will allow you to savor a happy moment as you meander over well-kept lawns, pavilions, and an octagonal conservatory. Rich green turf that has been expertly planted will welcome you and entice you to take a break and do something exciting. To the north of the entry is a café, which is one of the places to visit before exploring some of this area’s attractions. The massive Javan fig tree and the Orchid House are two of these attractions; each has its own special elegance and beauty.

Visiting temple of the tooth relic

If possible, visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy in the evening . Discover Kandy’s rich past by visiting its crown jewel, a mediaeval temple housing the Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha. Proceed to the auditorium for an engaging cultural presentation that will follow.

Once the day’s events are over, head back to the hotel to unwind and savor a delectable dinner.

Stay overnight at a Kandy hotel.

Day 2: Hill country Tours in Sri Lanka for Three Days

Right after breakfast, head for Nuwara Eliya.

Visiting Pinnawala elephant orphanage

Visit the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage on route; when you arrive at the 25-acre property, do not be surprised to witness baby elephants being bottle-fed or to watch them roaming around freely, doing absolutely no harm to anyone. The purpose of the orphanage was to give orphaned elephants in Sri Lanka a safe haven. It is quite heartbreaking to see how these orphaned gentle giants—some of them have just three legs due to injuries—are well looked after here. Some of them are just three-legged.

Over twenty calves have been born at this elephant orphanage since it was founded in 1975. Finding that some of the orphanage elephants have even survived to witness the birth of their “grandchildren” may surprise you!

Drive on to Nuwara Eliya, where you may check into your hotel and enjoy a filling dinner and a peaceful night’s sleep.

Overnight hotel stay in Nuwara Eliya

Day 3: Sri Lanka’s hill country tour

After a filling breakfast, Nuwara Eliya sightseeing is on the agenda.

Exploring Nuwara Eliya

The mist-covered, twisting, steep roads that meander among the lush green blankets of tea plants found in the cold weather serve as a reminder to visitors that they are near to the well-known British colonial refuge of Nuwara Eliya. Formerly controlled by English and Scottish landowners, the “City of Light” is still interspersed with colonial cottages, hedgerows, and one of the best 18-hole golf courses in the world. This enhances the atmosphere of the English countryside that permeates the region. Hikers should be rewarded by breathtaking views of the bustling village below after a stroll through the lush grass and along the brick walls of the rural hamlet.

Board a rattling train that is hissing and smoking its way through the verdant valleys of the hill region, which are divided by several waterfalls and peppered with tea pluckers wearing vibrantly colored saris. Even better, rent a bike and take a leisurely spin around Lake Gregory’s shoreline while getting wet.

You will be driven to a beach resort via Kitulgala right after your trip ends.

One of Sri Lanka’s wettest places, Kitulgala is visited by two monsoons annually and served as the backdrop for the well-known movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” It is also a major time in many nations’ calendars. Kitulgala is the spot for you if you desire excitement close to Colombo!

As the White River thunders downstream, spilling and splashing all over the place, grab your gear and get ready for an exhilarating rafting challenge. After leaping from rock to rock upstream for an amazing waterfall leap that should make your voice scream, slide down into the darkest tunnels inhabited by millions of bats. All you need to do to enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the woods is take a short stroll down a well-traveled trail if you are not the kind of person who lives for extreme adventure.

What are the 40 sites in Sri Lanka that you really must see?

  • History of Anuradhapura
  • History of Polonnaruwa
  • golden temple of Dambulla
  • Galle Fort & Beaches
  • The botanical, tea, and temple gardens of Kandy
  • Rock fortification of Sigiriya
  • Temples and beaches of Trincomalee
  • Hindu shrines and the Jaffna Fort
  • Shopping in Colombo
  • Temple of Kataragama
  • The beach at Bentota
  • The beach in Arugam Bay
  • Beach around Batticaloa
  • The beach at Beruwala
  • The beach at Kalutara
  • Hambantota
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Kalkudaha
  • The Kalpitiya
  • Mirissa
  • Negombo
  • Nilaveli
  • Pasikuidah
  • Unawatuna
  • Horton Plains
  • National Park Bundala
  • The national park of Yala
  • National park of Udawalawe
  • Knuckles mountains Range
  • Forest of Minneriya
  • natural reserve of Sinharaja
  • national park of Wilpattu
  • Estuary of the Madu River
  • Kitulgala
  • Ella
  • The Adams summit
  • Ratnapura.
  • Nuwara-Eliya
  • Pinnawala
  • Bandarawela

Where is the hill country of Sri Lanka?

A product of millions of years of geological upheaval, Sri Lanka’s hill region is situated in the center of the island. And mountains are still developing and upheavals are still occurring, is predicted by geologists. Scattered over 65 kilometers from north to south, the central mountain range serves as a barrier between the flatlands of the west and the east.

Known by most as the Central Highlands, the mountain mostly dominates the south-central region of the island; this rough terrain is Sri Lanka’s hottest. At 2,524 meters, Pidurutalagala is the highest peak in Sri Lanka, and it is located at the southernmost point of this high plateau.

The hill country of Sri Lanka is mostly covered by tea plantations. Slender women dressed beautifully and vibrantly dash through the tea bushes, pausing occasionally to pluck the delicate leaves. Similarly, these women pick fresh, delicate leaves from the tea bushes quickly so that they can be processed at the tea factory and made into delectable beverages. Tea pluckers progressively disappear from sight as the train ascends higher and higher.

What kind of weather prevails in the hilly country of Sri Lanka?

More agreeable weather prevails in most areas of the island, whereas Hill Country enjoys a temperate climate with average daily highs of 15 ˚C. You might see temperatures as low as -2 ˚C after sunset, making the evenings a little chilly from November to December

Get the access to hill country through Kandy

Situated 500 metres above sea level, Kandy is the entry point to the hill highlands of Sri Lanka and the last stronghold of the monarch of that country. Among the busiest tourist destinations in Sri Lanka, Kandy offers a plethora of noteworthy attractions. (14 of the greatest sites to visit in Kandy) Kandy has managed to stay independent even during the Portuguese and Dutch eras, when foreign monarchs ruled over the marine region. But the British invasion force, supported by a few local regional leaders, was too strong for the Kandy king. The Sri Lankan monarchy ended in 1815 when Kandy was given up to the British crown.

Buddhists in Sri Lanka still gather at Kandy for spiritual guidance. Two remarkable religious structures enclose Kandy, which is gathered around the lake of Kandy, also known as “Kiri Muhuda” (milk sea): a towering white Buddha that watches over the city from the hills and the gold canopied dome that tops the lakeside Temple of the Tooth.

Where in the hill country of Sri Lanka is the highest point?

Pidurutalagala, at 8,280 feet above sea level, is the highest point in Sri Lankan hill region. Four broad, varying-elevation ledges and several tall mountains, some of which peak to heights of 5,000 to 8,000 feet above sea level, emerge abruptly from the foot of this massive upheaval. The Nuwara Eliya plain lies barely 200 feet below the highest, known as Pidurutalagala, which rises to a height of 8,280 feet.

Its position is, broadly speaking, at the highest point and in the middle of the highlands. What wonder then, at its clean, uncontaminated air and its amazing effects on the weakened constitutions of low country people who use it as a sanatorium to regain their lost energy!

Hill Country of Sri Lanka Features

A few features of the charming hill country are the mountains hidden in the mist, rolling tea estates, cascading waterfalls, and charmingly situated hilltop communities. In the central highlands of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is the highest elevated city, rising up to 2524 m above mean sea level in the Hill Country of the country. A few hours’ drive or train ride will take one to the hill country from the nation’s commercial hub, Colombo.

The beaches and other attractions of Sri Lanka’s low-elevation regions contrast most attractively with the country’s central highland. The 4,000 square mile central highland is one massive upheaval.

From the tall palms and lovely flowering shrubs of the lower elevation to the hardwood trees and English flowers of the highest; from the steaming haunts of monkeys to the cool regions beloved of the elk, the hill country has an uneven surface of hills and peaks of varying elevation, deep ravines and grassy plains, dense forests and open valleys, gentle streams and roaring cataracts a dozen distinct climates, each with its own special features of animal and vegetable life.

Which sports are offered in hill country tours in Sri Lanka?

  • Rock climbing
  • Trekking
  • Hiking
  • Golfing
  • Horse riding
  • Boating
  • Rafting on white waters
  • Climbing mountains
  • Bird identification
  • investigating fauna
  • Recreational fishing

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka draws hundreds of nature enthusiasts with its bizarre scenery, chilly temperatures, and rich history.  In a serene setting, it provides a plethora of interesting activities for hikers, adventure seekers, and nature enthusiasts.

Time in the charming hill country will revitalize the body and rejuvenate the soul either it is rock climbing or fishing trout, playing golf on one of the most gorgeous sports , have an eye on holy place on top of a mountain, or walking through the untamed nature.

Those who need a new world withal for a total change from familiar life , as the wildest rugged country and the sweetest undulating grassy plains; the wild sport for the daring, golf courses and trout fishing for quieter spirits .thus, there is a choice of climate and scenery to suit any constitution and to satisfy every taste as well.

Hill country tours in Sri Lanka and visiting Nuwara Eliya

The lovely mountainous region reaches the highest city of Nuwara Eliya, covers most of the productive Kotmale district, all of Uda Dimbula, Uda Hewaheta, and Walapane. It includes, within its bounds, almost every climate that the island has to offer.

While the thermometer in the plains of Nuwara Eliya regularly drops below freezing, and during the coldest time of year, when the ground is covered in white frost, the valley of Maturata, and particularly Walapane, experiences intense heat at nearly the same time of year.

The region so described offers some of the most stunning and diverse scenery on the island; gently sloping plains, forests, mountains, and cliffs with incredibly beautiful waterfalls that are beyond description, with occasional glimpses of a Mahaweli Ganga tributary.

Health resorts in Hills Country

Both locals and foreign visitors enjoy holidays at Central Highland, the most well-liked health resort. It boasts to be highly developed to meet the demand of tourists and draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. One can find adventure and leisure in central high country. Slopes and ravines, caverns, streams, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and cliffs abound, making it an ideal location for adventure holidays all year round.

Riding in the hill country of Sri Lanka

The hilly country of Sri Lanka is a particularly popular destination for trekking holidays because of its profusion of mountains and valleys. Given their abundance of walking trails, hill country resorts like Ella, Nuwara Eliya, and Bandarawela are included in most trekking excursions of Sri Lanka. One does not have to travel far from the well-known hill country resort of Nuwara Eliya to discover a good location for a delightful trek and take in a completely distinct scenery and some quite different hiking conditions.

Generally warm and with virgin forest cover, the lower ranges of Sri Lanka’s hilly highlands run down to the Indian Ocean. While there may not be as much forest as in the lower ranges, the upper ranges may have a colder temperature. But the lower and higher highlands of Sri Lanka provide excellent hiking in a mystical setting with tea plantations, waterfalls, rivers, forests, terrace riding paddies, and little villages surrounded by jagged mountains and deep canyons. The terrain rich in boulders might not provide you with easier trekking, and it can be a little difficult for beginners.

Hill country tours in Sri Lanka and visiting Kandy

Kandy is so important in the region, the hill country tours in Sri Lanka may not complete without a stop in Kandy. 500 meters above sea level, the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, tucked away amid verdant mountains and encircling the stunning Kandy Lake, is home to a wealth of natural and historical treasures. Kandy, the center of hill country, is the site of the most sacred temple on the island, housing the left eye-tooth of Buddha. Since Kandy was the last stronghold of the island’s colonial overlords, it has been designated as a world heritage site.

The majority of the population is being Buddhist in Kandy , thus the city is home to a large number of Buddhist temples dispersed around the lake area and the historic section of the city. During the month of Esala, or July, the city hosts the most exquisite pageant nationwide. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world attend the famous spectacle known as the Esala ceremony.

What are the activites included in hill country tours in Sri Lanka?

The most hill country tours in Sri Lanka include the 21 locations listed below. Most multi-day tours to Sri Lanka include visits to some of these locations. Still, several of the locations on this list are too far away for typical multi-day excursions. These multi-day journeys, such the two-week and seven-day Sri Lanka tours, are conducted along a predetermined path, and the package includes major tourist sites along the way. Since it takes time to get to the tourist spots that are a little off the route, they are not included. Nevertheless, you may see a lot of the locations listed here if you arrange a hill country vacation in Sri Lanka that includes a few overnight stays at a hill country resort like Nuwara Eliya.

  • Temple of tooth relic
  • Elephant Orphanage
  • Botanical garden of Peradeniya
  • Mountain of Pidurutalagala
  • Gregory Lake
  • Production of finest tea
  • National Park Horton Plains
  • Manufacturing of tea / Tea museum
  • Ravana Rock
  • The Pilkington Point
  • The Dowa Temple
  • The Adisham Bunglow
  • Natural reserve of Tangamale
  • Gap of Ella
  • Mountains of Sendakatti
  • Little Adams peak
  • The Ravana Falls
  • Canyon of Ramboda
  • Waterfall of Pallewela
  • Undiscovered waterfall
  • Nil Diya Pond

Visiting Elephant orphanage on hill country tours in Sri Lanka

Colombo to Kandy is a wonderful trip with excellent views of the surroundings provided by the train or road. On the Colombo-Kandy highway, one should not miss the elephant orphanage. There are almost 80 elephants in the largest herd in the world living there. The tourists, who venture on one of the hill country tours in Sri Lanka come across this popular tourist attraction at about half way down the track from Colombot o Kandy.

Tour to Sri Lanka’s highland country: Peradeniya botanical garden

Slightly outside the city center are the Peradeniya botanical gardens, another attraction.  Situated next to the powerful Mahaweli Ganga, the longest river in Sri Lanka, it boasts an astounding variety of native and exotic species.

Situated in the centre of the southern hill country, Nuwara Eliya is the highest elevation city in Sri Lanka and was the most popular hill station during British control. Because of its ancient colonial-style buildings, 18-hole golf course, Victoria Park, racecourse, and great fishing in the lakes and rivers around the city, the city is popularly known among the residents as “little England.”

Gregory Lake: enjoying a tour of hill country

Smoke rising from the chimneys of the numerous Tudor-style homes is typical after dusk, when the temperature can drop to around freezing. There are numerous of walks, hikes, and mountain climbing routes through the mountains, escapements, forests, and plantations that make Gregory Lake and the surrounding area excellent places to anchor yourself while seeing the countryside.

To really experience the laid-back atmosphere of Nuwara Eliya town, there is nothing better than the Gregory Lake Esplanade. The well designed promenade has stores and open areas for leisure with flower beds. Along Gregory Lake Esplanade are several garden benches and a few play places. There is plenty of room for a picnic lunch, supper or snack on the shoreline in the roomy garden, which opens completely to Gregory Lake.

Ashok Vatika: touring the highland country

Examining the flora and animals of montane forests is made easy by Mount Piduruthalagala and the surrounding forest. Nine kilometers from the city lies Ashok Vatika, sometimes referred to as Haggala Botanical Gardens, which have an amazing array of flowers in the mountains.

Tea plantation tour of Sri Lanka’s high country

Since upcountry always means the tea plantations, if they do not include a visit to a tea factory and a trek in a tea estate, Sri Lanka’s hill country excursion is incomplete. thus tea plantations cover much of the highlands of Sri Lanka.

The undulating tea farms that blanket huge stretches of land in an emerald sea are among the most famous views of hill country. Women in vibrant saris stroll among the tea plants, plucking the golden tip of the branches and tossing them into baskets slung over their backs. From a distance, they resemble vibrant butterflies. The economy of Sri Lanka heavily depends on tea, one of the largest industries on the country. Twenty percent of all workers in the nation work there.

The industry flourished here more than anywhere else in the region after tea was introduced in the late 19th century. Today, Ceylon tea is regarded as the best in the world, and the mountains, with their warm daytime temperatures and chilly, misty evenings offer the ideal environment for harvesting the best quality of it. In a top tea factory, one can witness the entire process of making tea, where picked tea is dried, crushed, fermented, and burned with equipment that hasn’t changed much since Victorian times.

Horton Plains National Park: on a hill country tour in Sri Lanka

Horton Plains National Park is rightfully called “wonderland in the mountains” because of its dominating flat grassland that is encircled by cloud forest. Usually included in most Sri Lanka hill country excursions, this is one of the last remaining mountain forests on the island.

Mother nature has richly painted Horton Plains National Park with lakes, perennial streams, waterfalls, animals, birds, and many other species of fauna. The park also contains a sizable area of grassland. Both residents and visitors from other countries frequent the park frequently. Most visitors to Nuwara Eliya make time to explore this amazing area of woodland, which is situated 2300 meters above sea level.

Much colder than Nuwara Eliya, it enjoys a comparable pleasant climate. The fauna and plants of Horton Plains National Park are intimately related to its abundance of picturesque splendor. Long hikes through the mountains, grasslands, streams, and woodland lead to uncharted natural splendor that is exclusive to this ecological environment.

Among the few national parks on the island that permit walking are Horton Plains. This is the place to go on foot safari. With so many shades of green—valleys, mountains, and blue sky—Horton Plains is a really adorable.

Ella is included in the hill country travel package tour of Sri Lanka

If you are looking for some beautiful places to experience some magical scenery, dreamlike vistas that you see on television, or travel documentaries, Ella is one of the best bet for you. Sri Lanka was once also called Pearl in the Orient and paradise island. Those who thought of those names had not taken it lightly. Find out more about Ella by clicking this link. 

lovely train journey across the hill country

A trip by rail across the hilly region takes you through undulating tea plantations, remote communities, foggy hills, and patches of woodland. Typically, one of the hubs of Sri Lankan railway track, Kandy, is where tourists begin their most hilly train excursion.   Started in the 1860s during the British Colonial era, the Kandy railway station has seldom changed from its original design and still has its old colonial features. Once the train is moving, it travels from Kandy more into the hill country’s higher elevations in the south and east. Many well-known hill country destinations, like Hatton and Nanu-Oya, are passed by train.  Though it is only 164 kilometers, the trip from Kandy to Ella takes around six hours. Because it must climb mountain peaks along the route, the locomotive is unable to maintain its constant pace.

The train route passes through several mountains, which the colonial authorities in the past pierced and converted to tunnels.  Additionally slowing down the train are hairpin curves on the track.   Few minutes after leaving Kandy, the tourists begin to see the beautiful scenery, dense woods, and mountainous terrain; but, remember that the best is yet to come. From Kandy, the scenery and landscape drastically alter around an hour after you approach the Nuwara Eliya district. Starting to climb the mountain, the train slows down. you will see tea farms, stunning sceneries, mountain valleys, and breathtaking vistas rest of the tour as well

The Nanu Oya railway station is situated between the Kandy and Ella railway stations. Passengers travelling to Nuwara Eliya should disembark at this station and take a few kilometers to reach the city. The train has now reached the highest point of the hill country track, which is roughly 100 meters above sea level. A stunning elgin fall may be seen in the next valley a few kilometers down the track from Nanu Oya train station. the train arrives at the highest point on the hill country rail track at 1907 of elevation. Then comes a long drop to Ell.

Ella hill villages tour

You will stroll through the stunning Ella countryside and see the valley bottom as part of your village tour. The lovely walk with rivers, waterfalls, immaculate forest cover, bird singing, and many blossoming flowers will be enjoyed by anyone. Talk with your village-born guide. Learn about the customs, everyday issues, and typical traditional village life at this excellent chance. Connecting with nature is made ideal by the hike.

Ella, the Sri Lankan Hill Country’s backpacking paradise

Adventure seekers are aware of Elle as one of the most picturesque locations with numerous adventure tourist venues. Since Ella offers so many different activities, including trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, and rainforest exploration, it is a stop on most Sri Lanka hill country excursions.

Adorable Ella’s waterfalls

Popular with foreign tourists in particular, Ella is a mountain resort in Sri Lanka. Popular intriguing activities in Ella’s untamed landscape include hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, jungle trekking, and bird viewing. Many waterfalls, including Pallewela waterfall, can be visited if your Ella vacation lasts longer than two days.

Ella is one of the best locations if you are enthralled by waterfalls, particularly stunning ones. Ella is full of them. Numerous waterfalls can be found in Ella, some of which are well-known in Sri Lanka, such as Ravana waterfall and Dunhinda waterfall. Ella provides its guests breathtaking views in addition to waterfalls, caverns, and hiking and trekking routes. On a day with clear sky, Ella offers a breathtaking vista that stretches all the way to the south coast. To learn further about waterfalls in Sri Lanka, click here.

Pallewela springs

The stunning Ravana waterfall is one of the several in and around Ella. Travellers are unaware of several of the waterfalls, though, such Pallewela Ella. Alikote Ella, sometimes known as Pallewela Ella (Pallewela waterfall), is an undiscovered tourist destination in Ella. Most tourists that come to Ella overlook this stunning waterfall. Still, this lovely waterfall is easily accessible from Ella and is not far from the Ella tourist resort. About 10 kilometers away from Ella on the Ella-Wellawaya road lies the waterfall. One of the region’s loveliest waterfalls is Pallewela Ella.

Curiosity in the waterfall

Still another undiscovered treasure is the secret waterfall. It is unknown to most tourists visiting Ella, much as Pallewela waterfall. The Karandagolla area contains the mysterious Ella and Pallewela Waterfalls. Both waterfalls require a good deal of hiking, though, and for some individuals it can be rather taxing.

Pond of Nil Diya Pokuna

Situated on the Rakkitha road off the Ella-Wellawaya major route lies the tourist destination Nildiya Pokuna. If you have time during your stay to Ella, this heritage site is well worth seeing. Such a kind of tourist attraction is uncommon, particularly because some individuals find it claustrophobic. To get at Nildiya Pokuna, the travelers must crawl through a little tunnel. Tucked below in a cave accessible via a tiny tunnel lies Nildiya Pokuna. While for some people visiting Nildiya Pokuna is a terrifying experience, for others it is fascinating and wonderful.

Ramboda Falls

Ramboda Falls is a stunning waterfall located in Kandy’s Pussellawa area. Cascading across the Ramboda plateau are the Rmboda Falls. On the Sri Lankan hill country route between Nuwara Eliya and Kandy lies Ramboda. This region is covered in forest to a great extent and has several tea plants. Travelers passing through Ramboda and the surrounding area can only observe the green cover because there are very few buildings in the area. Many topographical changes are inherited by Ramboda, and visitors can observe mountains, valleys, enormous rock formations, rivers, waterfalls, and level areas here.

At 358 feet, Ramboda is the eleventh-highest fall in Sri Lanka. The steps of the rocks fall like ivory waterfalls and create a stunning image against the sky, all the while the chilly winds are present. Anyone can easily climb the modest 500-meter descent to the waterfall. Ramboda Falls fulfills all the criteria for colorful scenery and comfortable weather that will keep visitors interested and moving!

Rare birds cooing in the deep woodlands of Ramboda are another stunning sights. All things considered, a visit to Ramboda Falls will put you in a natural meditation. Awe is parallel to the rushing rivers and their crackling sounds as they strike the rocks. Warmhearted people from the central Sinhala province of Pussellawa never stop extending a warm welcome to visitors. Ramboda is a very unique experience with nature and is not commercialized!

Sri Lankan hill country rock climbing at Ravana Rock

The classic epic of Ramayana makes reference to the nearby old Ravana rock shrine, Ravana Ella Cave, and Ravana Falls. King Ravana is said to have concealed Princess Sita, the wife of King Rama, at Ella.

Seven days in Sri Lanka, travel and leisure activities in Sri Lanka, cultural sites in Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan cultural attractions, Sri Lankan cultural places

Along with seeing historic sites in the cultural triangle, tea country, a spice and herbal garden, a wildlife reserve, botanic gardens, idyllic west coast beaches, and taking in the breathtaking view from the hill country rail journey from Peradeniya to Nanuoya, you will also learn how to cook a Sri Lankan meal on this seven-day private tour of Sri Lanka. You will have time to unwind on the immaculate west coast beaches of Sri Lanka near the end of the journey.

A little bit of trekking is encompassed on Little Adam’s Peak in Ella

For those who find the ascent of Adam’s Peak Mountain too strenuous, this is the perfect substitute. The mountain was called Little Adam’s Peak precisely because it resembles Adam’s Peak exactly.  Reaching the top of the mountain offers an amazing vista of the Ella Gap. About one hour is needed for the climb, which is conveniently accessible from Ella. From Ella, take the route eastward, which will lead you to the beginning of the ascent after 12 km. click here Moreover, to read about Adam’s peak,

Sri Lankan hills country attractions: Ella gap

Deepest ravine on Sri Lankan island is Ella Gap. Ella is more than ten kilometers long and roughly 100 meters deep. On bright days with clear sky, Ella offers a stunning perspective over the low-lying southern region of Sri Lanka. A number of Ella treks offer the chance for an amazing, low-intensity adventure.

Explore the hill country of Sri Lanka: Ella Market

Every Wednesday morning, the weekly market kick-off on the Passara-Ella main road gives the laid-back, isolated little city of Ella a vibrant, crowded, electric atmosphere. Farmers and villages awaken on the day of the market with excitement, farmers coming here to sell their products and villages coming here to pick fruits, vegetables, and all other necessities for the family.

Many vibrantly attired women are assembling along the road with their wares in an attempt to get the best price. Ella’s lodging providers, who all provide their visitors home-cooked meals, mostly buy their fresh fruits and vegetables from this weekly market.

Pilkington Point of mountain trekking in Sri Lanka

Actually, this is a Bandarawela vista. It gives you a panoramic perspective of the low, hilly southern Sri Lanka. Pilkington Point takes its name from the well-known English planter George Pilkington. The winding road to the summit is reached after several kilometers on the Bandarwela-Koslanda road. To reach the viewpoint, one must hike on a designated trail, which takes around thirty minutes.

Hill country temple in Sri Lanka: Dowa temple

It is thought that the closing stages of the Anuradhapura dynasty saw the foundation of Dowa temple. But according to other experts, it was in existence as early as the 1st century BC.  The temple is not only old but also a well-liked religious establishment in Bandarawela. Buddha paintings and statues abound at the temple. The image house, a huge natural cave with some exquisite religious paintings and Buddha statues, is thought to have been King Walagambahu’s (1st century BC) hiding spot. The enormous, partially finished granite Buddha statue, perched on a monolithic rock is one of the temple’s main attractions.

Adisham bungalow, a colonial bungalow in the hill country

One of the pioneer planters of British origin lives in the roomy Adisham Bungalow. Beautifully situated on a mountain, it offers an amazing vista of the surrounding mountains, the lower elevated area, and the tea plantation.

Every traveller to Haputale has to take in the breathtaking vista from the palace. English-styled, the palace was constructed with imported materials. To guarantee excellent quality, labourers were flown in from England and India. There is a remarkable tranquilly and quietness about the palace. There are no people living within several kilometers of its reach, and it is mostly covered by woodlands and plantations. To learn further about Adisham bungalow, go here.

Investigating Sri Lankan Hill Country Flora and Fauna

Adisham Bungalow lies directly in front of Tangamale Nature Reserve. About five kilometres separate it from Haputale. This area of the forest has secondary forest with pines among its trees. The primitive forest that began many millennia ago makes up the remainder of the forest. The 131 hectare woodland is a great place for a leisurely walk. Here one may observe a large number of animal and butterfly species. And birdwatchers find it to be a highly sought-after natural reserve.

Walking in the hill highlands of Sri Lanka near Sendakatti mountain

Another great site for a walk in the lovely greens surroundings is the Mountain of Sendakatti.  The cold, soothing environment here will not make you sleepy. The early morning hours are when the vista is greatest, before clouds and mist come. You may find the walk above the Haputale gap, close to Haputale town.

Seeing Ravana waterfall during a hill country tour in Sri Lanka

Sandwiched between Ella and Sri Lanka’s southern coast, Ravana waterfall is another well-liked tourist destination. Conveniently situated a few kilometers south of Ella Mountain Resort on the Ella-Wellawaya main road is the waterfall.

Ravana waterfall makes up for its narrower breadth in comparison to many other waterfalls on the island with its height. Indeed, the Ravana waterfall is about 500 meters high and spans just a few meters across the granite face. With the swollen incoming water stream during the monsoon, it does, however, expand by about three folds.

Throughout the year, visitors can witness an amazing volume of water gushing down over the falls. Facing the major Ella-Wellawaya road lies the waterfall. Under the Ella bridge, the waterfall slices through the road. Simply said, it is impossible to overlook the beauty of a waterfall, hence many tourists do not forget to stop at them while they travel this road.  The Ravana waterfall may be seen exclusively from the Ella Bridge. 

Hill country of Sri Lanka sights to see: Lipton Seat

Popular hill country retreat Haputale is located a few kilometers south of Ell on the Nuwara Eliya-Wellawaya route. Vegetable and tea gardens rule the mountainous hill country resort. Within a tea plantation in Haputale is a tourist destination called Lipton Seat. One has to drive for approximately an hour and trek for about thirty minutes to get to Lipton’s seat. Perched atop the mountain, Lipton’s perch boasts an amazing vista of the surroundings. Both the views and the name of the tea plantation are derived from the renowned Thomas Lipton. In 1890, Thomas Lipton came to Sri Lanka during British administration and started working in the tea business there. He grows tea on the island among the very few.

Sri Lankan upcountry tour destinations of major tourist spots

The major tourist destinations listed above, together with Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Horton Plains, and a few more significant sites, are all included in this hill country tour of Sri Lanka. Many tourists have requested to see Sri Lanka’s hill country holiday resorts, hence we have organized this upcountry trip of the country.

There is little difference in the path taken by most hill country tours in Sri Lanka.

Though they may begin on request on the beaches of the west and southern coast, Sri Lanka trips typically begin in Colombo. The first stop on hill country excursions in Sri Lanka is Kandy. 500 meters above sea level lies Kandy.

Hill country trips in Sri Lanka including stops at Nuwara Eliya

The hills country tour departs Kandy and travels along twisting roads to Nuwara Eliya, which sits on a stunning high plateau. With mountain peaks all around it, the city enjoys a moderate year-round temperature. Being one of the most picturesque cities on the island, Nuwara Eliya is the most well-liked hill country resort.

How long does the hill country tour last in Sri-Lanka?

Four days of touring the hill highlands of Sri Lanka including major upcountry tourist destinations. The four days of hill country travel in Sri Lanka are summarized below.

The time available and the budget greatly influence how long the Sri Lanka hill country tour lasts. For instance, arranging a one-week Sri Lanka hill country trip is advised if you have an unlimited money and enough of time. You may shorten the hill country visit, though, if time and money are limited. One day, two days, or three days can be scheduled for a Sri Lanka hill country tour, or it can be extended to any length of days as you like.

Day 1 : Itinerary for Sri Lanka’s hill country on Colombo-Kandy

Driven to Kandy, the center of Sri Lankan culture, you will meet a Seerendipity Tours representative at the airport or hotel in Colombo. Beautiful countryside will be seen along the route, but shortly after the tour begins, you will encounter several bustling cities where you will have to park your car and deal with huge crowds of people. But as you go farther from Colombo, the trip gets easier and faster.

About three hours later, the Pinnawala elephant orphanage is your first stop on the hill country tour. Visit Pinnawala first, then head to a spice garden. Following the spice garden, check-in and leisure at the Kandy hotel.

Afternoon: Kandyan cultural show; evening: tooth relic temple ceremony.

Day 2 : Itinerary for Sri Lanka’s hill country on Kandy-Nuwara Eliya

Visits a tea plantation and factory en route to the hotel in Nuwara Eliya after a leisurely breakfast. Trek to the Ramboda waterfall at Ramboda plateau after touring the tea industry; it is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Sri Lanka’s central highland.

About noon, you will arrive in Nuwara Eliya, check into your hotel, and have a little break before heading to Horton Plains National Park for a one-hour hike through the forest.

Visit Sita shrine, Victoria Park, Gregory Lake, and Nuwara Eliya market on the evening sightseeing tour of the city.

Day 3 : Sri Lanka hills country tour from Nuwara Eliya to Ella

Take one of the most picturesque train trips in the world by boarding the Ella-bound train from Nuwara Eliya. Spend the afternoon taking quick excursions to Ella Rock, Ravana waterfalls, and the miniature Adam’s Peak.

Day 4 : Sri Lanka high country itinerary from Ella to Colombo

After breakfast, head for your hotel in Colombo, stopping along the way to do a rainforest trek and whitewater rafting at Kitulagala. You will arrive at your hotel in Colombo in the afternoon.

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